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Website optimization can increase the speed of your site, reduce your bounce rate and even more so when a strategy SEO o SEM.

It's not something that should be ignored or left for later; it should be one of the first things you do when creating a new site. The faster and more user-friendly your site is, the better it will perform in the search engines, which can help generate more organic traffic.

Web page optimization
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Search engine optimization or website optimization? 🤔

Many people are under the impression that search engine optimization and website optimization are the same thing. However, this is not true. Although both terms can be used interchangeably, they have different meanings. 

Search engine optimization refers to improving your site's ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing. Web page optimization refers to improving a web page so that it loads faster on any browser or device.

What is Website Optimization?

Web page optimization is a set of techniques and tools that help improve the performance and loading speed of a web page. This is achieved through file size reduction, resource optimization and improvement of the web page code.

Benefits of Web Page Optimization

Website optimization can help improve the overall performance of your website:

Better search engine optimization (SEO)

Lower bounce rates

Lower maintenance costs

Higher conversion rates

Better user experience

Improved accessibility

How do we achieve web page optimization?

We start with a detailed audit of your site. We identify the most important elements of the site and improve those that are of most interest to your customers.

We perform live A/B testing, measure the performance of each iteration and repeat the process until we meet the following points:

Reduce the number of external files

Combine CSS and JavaScript inline.

Optimize images

Minify CSS and JS files

Compress images

Reduce TTFB

Use a CDN

Removing scripts and styles

Enable Gzip compression

Your website is not mobile optimized?

Speed is an important factor for user experience

PageSpeed Web Optimization Kainos

Why choose Kainos MX to optimize your website?

Kainos MX offers website optimization services to improve the performance of your website.

Our SEO experts will use advanced tools and advanced techniques to improve the performance and loading speed of your website. In addition, we also offer advice and support to make sure you get the best performance from your website.

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