Software development

Software development services for individuals and companies looking to create web applications, specific software and integration with APIs.

At Kainos MX we have a great knowledge of state-of-the-art frameworks and programming languages needed to deliver high quality products.


We help organizations looking to transform their business through digital transformation. We can help you make the shift from a traditional IT company to a modern, agile software development organization. Our software development services include:

Cloud solutions

Software development using cloud solutions.

IT professional with experience in developing and maintaining high quality web systems and mobile applications. Proficient in all aspects of application development, including server-side programming, database design and project management.

Web Application

The web application is a cross-platform solution that is easy to configure and deploy. It allows you to create applications that run natively in the cloud on any device and gives users access from anywhere. It is easy to use but has advanced features such as data visualization, dashboards, reports and much more.

Tailor-made software

Custom software development is about creating a customized software solution that best suits your business and organizational needs. The goal of custom software development is to provide you with a solution that works for your company, makes your business run more efficiently and saves you time and money in the long run. 

API Development

We help companies integrate with their APIs, creating accounts, managing credentials and solving any other account management issues that may arise.

We work with existing APIs as well as new APIs or private versions of public APIs. Sometimes we create a custom API for your company if the existing option is not suitable.

Blockchain development

We design, build and deploy secure blockchain and bitcoin applications for your business. Our software developers are passionate about their craft, pragmatic and understand the importance of creating applications that solve real-world problems.

Management and Maintenance

The main responsibility of the software development team is to design and maintain the software. The team is responsible for developing new features, fixing bugs, creating tests and generally improving the quality of the code.

Software development services at Kainos MX include the complete software development lifecycle, from application design and architecture to distributed applications. We are a trusted partner for organizations that need to overcome digital change through adaptive and innovative software solutions.

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